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The Origins of Tai Chi Chuan
The Origins of Tai Chi are shrouded in legend. And over time, many different styles of the art have evolved. Yang Lucan (1799-1872) was the founder of the Yang style of Tai Chi. The Yang family would go on to produce an unparalleled six generations of Yang School Tai Chi masters. It was Yang's grandson, Yang Chenfu (1883-1936), who created the form that is know as Yang style Tai Chi Chuan. While Yang Chenfu's son, Yang Shouzhong (1909- ? ) is a master in his own right. It was Chenfu's own student Dong Yingjie (1880-1964), who was the better known contemporary teacher of his time and under whom Grandmaster Pang (19?? - 2015) studied.


Yang Lucan
First Generation



Yang Jianhou
Second Generation


yang-chengfuYang Chenfu
Third Generation

Dong YingJie


Pang Tze Yau

H. Eleonora en Y. Pang

Henny Eleonora & Ying Pang

 Go shuo cup -88

Jurriaan Tjeertes